Fisio (2)Physiotherapy is the art and science of maintenance, prevention, cure and recovery from health/disease through the use of physical agents such as: sun, heat, cold, water, movement, massage, electricity and all kind of manual therapy and modern and sophisticated methods.The physiotherapist is the professional who technically can implement, monitor and advise better.

A medical profession dedicated to alleviate the painful processes, through non aggressive procedures and without drugs.

The professional team of our center has committed themselves to continuing education and investigation of new techniques and methods regarding prevention and treatment of disease and the improvement of our client’s quality of life.



Giving emphasis to each case, PHYSIOTHERAPY, along with other therapies and techniques, establish the treatment to apply in a very individual manner. Pathology treatments in different fields, such as: trauma, orthopedics, back problems, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, neurology, rheumatology, sports medicine...

  • lesions and alterations of column
  • global posture re-education
  • neurological affectations
  • muscular lesions, sinewy, ligaments, capsular
  • functional recovery
  • reeducation of the sensitive perceptive motor
  • therapeutic massage
  • personalized Pilates training
  • child cerebral paralyses
  • disc protusion
  • Bobath techniques
  • delays and affectations of the motor development
  • healing
  • sports massage
  • entesitis
  • retraining to the training
  • espondilolisis
  • kabat techniques
  • thermal electrotherapy, analgesic, stimulating
  • massage of lymphatic drainage
  • pressure therapy
  • evaluation of the index of corporal mass
  • neuralgic
  • urinary incontinence
  • migraines
  • structural osteopathy, visceral, cranial
  • chronic rheumatism
  • sport injury recovery
  • arterial pressure control
  • amiotrophy’s
  • dynamic osteopathy of the pubis
  • hemiplegics of the adult
  • personalized training
  • tapping
  • injection application
  • compartmental syndrome
  • weight control
  • artificial sun uva
  • facial paralysis
  • scoliosis studies
  • sauna
  • cineantropometrías
  • glucose test
  • espondilolistesis
  • kinesio-tapping
  • nocturne enuresis
  • manipulative and miothensive techniques
  • post-delivery recovery
  • perineum-abdominal recovery
  • alteration of the tempore-mandible articulation
  • hernia of the disc
  • pelvic disequilibrium
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • scar treatment
  • hip arthritis
  • periostitis
  • vertebral pain
  • knee arthritis
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • tensional origin migraines
  • rebalance of the alterations of the muscle-skeletal system



Sauna, getting in shape with Finnish style! All the scientific procedures to avoid premature aging are based on the increase in vascular blood support of organs and tissues.

Fortunately, the benefits from SAUNA have spread around the world. It is very rewarding for us to have been the first to introduce Sauna in Vallès Ocidental, in March 1969.

One of the main effects from SAUNA is sweating, allowing the skin to eliminate toxins and other metabolic products (uric acid, urea, lactic acid).

Situation that might benefit from Sauna:

  • Rheumatism (prevention and treatment).
  • Obesity (regulating metabolism).
  • Respiratory tract diseases
  • Stress and exhaustion (stimulating parasympatic nervous system).
  • Anemia lack of appetite, insomnia

On the other hand, sauna is not recommended to people suffering from fever, tuberculosis, acute infections and epilepsy.

Sauna also works as a beauty treatment for the skin, as it cleans the superficial cutis.

Physiotherapists are specialized professionals in the use of physical agents, such as heat, cold, water, and can give you good technical advice on this subject.

Our treatments of thermotherapy, massage, and mobility and manipulation techniques maintain and improve the tissue’s vitality by an increase of its oxygenation, keeping active the life rhythm.


“Living is not just about existing… but enjoying perfect health. So, the act of living well consists in dying young… as late as possible!”